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Gilbert sponsorship


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, the Gilbert Group has been committed to supporting families in France and abroad for over 20 years. Its programme of community and humanitarian initiatives is fully in line with its strong values.

This policy is reflected on a daily basis by making donations to charities themselves, or via theAgence du Don en Nature.

Key figures

beneficiary associations in 2020
products distributed in 2020
French departments concerned

Gilbert works with the Agence du Don en Nature to donate items including hygiene and skincare products and essentials, meaning that its donations are more evenly distributed across the whole of France.

Gilbert supports the Secours Populaire by providing hygiene products and essentials to the charity’s pharmacy and contributing to the Pères-Noël Verts (Green Father Christmas) operation

The Gilbert Group support the Restos du Coeur soup kitchen charity, donating formula milk and hygiene essentials to struggling families.

Created in 2007 by Gilbert Group employees, the initial aim of the charity was to open the Jacques Batteur college in the village of Affienou in Côte d’Ivoire. Since then, other initiatives have been launched to support education and improve the health of local families. These include refurbishing the dispensary, opening a canteen and funding a scholarship.

Sending out 6 pallets of hygiene and skincare products and essentials to CERP RHIN RHONE MEDITERRANEE and pharmacies in the Alpes-Maritime which were affected by storm Alex in 2020