Gilbert Family Health Sector

Health: our key objective

Ever since the Feuille de Saule cut-to-size plaster was created in 1904, Laboratoires Gilbert have been drawing on nature’s most powerful active ingredients to offer highly effective healthcare solutions that work in harmony with the human body.

We design our products based on 3 main principles:




Our aim is to develop ranges of safe and accessible everyday healthcare products for anyone seeking effective ways to support their health

Pierre-Eric Dauxerre,
Managing Director of the Gilbert group

Our healthcare expertise

Paediatric health and nutrition

We are currently the leading name in French pharmacies for baby care. Our products are fully tailored to the physiology of newborns, guaranteeing they are totally safe. Our one single aim is to help babies thrive and sail through their first few months of life.

ENT: relieving and curing

Laboratoires Gilbert offer a wide range of solutions for respiratory, ENT or ophthalmological issues. We select the best essential active ingredients to relieve these symptoms in adults as well as children.

The treatments we offer for these ailments are part of a comprehensive range of medication and medical devices for the nose, ears, eyes and allergies, as well as food supplements via our Le Comptoir Aroma organic aromatherapy range for the throat.

Family medicine: everyday essentials

Right from the outset, we have been committed to making effective, user-friendly healthcare solutions accessible to all. This is why we have developed trustworthy brands covering the majority of any family’s medicinal needs, making it easy to look after everyone’s health.

Natural health: a new perspective on health

Trailblazers of organic aromatherapy via Le Comptoir Aroma, Laboratoires Gilbert have extended their expertise by developing a range of homeopathic medication.

For almost 15 years, we have been supporting families who have chosen an alternative approach to their health and well-being. Aromatherapy and homeopathy are now recognised as alternative complementary medicine by the World Health Organisation*, and are even beginning to be used in hospitals. This has naturally led to certain healthcare establishments calling on our natural healthcare expertise.

Hospital medicine: providing support from the operating table to convalescence

Our surgical and post-operative products are used every day in over 2,000 healthcare establishments (public and private) in mainland France and its overseas territories and departments.

For 20 years, Laboratoires Gilbert have partnered with healthcare professionals to help support their patients throughout their care.

Our clients

We work with thousands of healthcare professionals every day, having created loyal partnerships across a range of sectors from hospitals to dispensing chemists:

  • Pharmacies
  • Drugstores
  • Institutions (retirement homes, etc.)
  • Hospitals & Clinics