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Laboratoires Gilbert

The Family Health umbrella brand

The Laboratoires Gilbert brand is the umbrella brand of the Group’s Family Health portfolio. It includes all the brand and products in the fields of paediatrics, ENT, family medicine and natural health.

Several products designed for use in hospitals and institutions are also directly marketed under this brand.

The leader in paediatric healthcare and nutrition solutions

Laboratoires Gilbert are the leading brand in French pharmacies with a comprehensive range of baby care products: 

  • BIODEGRADABLE organic olive oil wipes: formulated with organic olive oil and organic aloe vera, with 99.7% natural ingredients. A natural composition suitable for frequent use that helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function and soothe irritation and nappy rash, leaving the skin soft and healthy.
  • Nappy cream: especially designed to help repair the skin and prevent irritation and nappy rash. This paediatric skin cream works directly on the causes of the discomfort, forming a protective shield that insulates the skin against contact with urine, stools and friction from the nappy.
  • Organic pads: natural, safe and practical biodegradable cotton rectangles that care for highly sensitive skin