Stabilized oleo-calcareous liniment

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At birth, the baby’s skin barrier is thinner than that of adults, which makes it very fragile and very permeable.

With LINIDERM Oleo-limestone Liniment, Laboratoires Gilbert support you on a daily basis to effectively clean and protect baby’s seat. Formulated with lime water and virgin olive oil (99.8% ingredients of natural origin), this leave-in diaper treatment forms a protective film that strengthens the skin barrier and preserves the natural pH of the skin. skin, thus preventing redness.

LINIDERM Oleo-limestone liniment from Laboratoires GILBERT is a cleansing and protective care for the change, based on the formula of the French Pharmacopoeia. Its hypoallergenic formula respects the fragile skin of infants.

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Proven effectiveness* **
Prevents and calms the first signs of redness
Preserves the natural pH of the skin
Forms a protective film and protects against friction and moisture in the diaper
Strengthens the skin barrier
Hypoallergenic ***
Product made in France
LINIDERM stabilized oleo-calcareous liniment from Laboratoires Gilbert is available in different formats: 1L with pump, 480ml with and without pump, 250ml and 100ml without pump.