Health inspired by the sea

Marimer develops seawater-based products for nasal hygiene and offers a complete range, suitable for adults, children and infants.

Marimer products cover both daily use for nasal hygiene and occasional use associated with ENT care during treatment for colds, rhinitis and sinusitis.

All Marimer products are made from quality seawater rich in trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese known for their therapeutic properties in the treatment of respiratory conditions. This pure sea water is selected and drawn from the coasts of Brittany, renowned for their tides, which are among the highest in Europe, allowing, due to the violent currents, very good oxygenation of the water and a great abundance of minerals.

All the benefits of this seawater rich in mineral salts are preserved because the principle of sterilization is that of micro-filtration, a mechanical principle which eliminates impurities while preserving the properties and trace elements of seawater.

*This medical device is a health product which bears the CE marking under the regulations.