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Natural goodness for baby

As a specialist in formula milk, PHYSIOLAC supports mums in the transition from breastfeeding and until their child reaches the age of 3. This high quality formula milk gives mums complete peace of mind as babies transition from breastfeeding.
Physiolac offers a wide range of baby nutrition products to make the process easier.

During the 90s, a pharmacist assisted by a nutritionist began thinking about developing formula milk for babies to help them grow and facilitate the transition from breast milk.
 PHYSIOLAC was launched in 1996, with 2 main products to make the process easier.
Over 15 years later, the PHYSIOLAC range has expanded and continues to help mums make the transition from breastfeeding, guaranteeing expertise, quality and safety*.

Physiolac products are sold in pharmacies and health & beauty stores, meaning that mums are guaranteed expert advice from healthcare professionals. All our formula milks are made in France.

Important: breastfeeding is the best way to feed your child. Good maternal nutrition is important both before and during breastfeeding. Partial breastfeeding can interfere with the breastfeeding process and it is difficult to backtrack on the choice not to breastfeed. It is important to follow the instructions for preparation and use of infant formulas. Formula that is incorrectly prepared could pose a health risk for the child. Besides milk, water is the only other essential drink. Being active and playing are essential for your child’s development.

*In accordance with current regulations.