The Gilbert Group joins forces with Pierre-Eric Dauxerre to acquire Laboratoires Grimberg

The Gilbert Group joins forces with Doctor of Pharmacy Pierre-Eric Dauxerre and the CEO of Moulin Royal Cosmetics to acquire Laboratoires Grimberg from the Ramond-Grinberg family.

Laboratoires Grimberg have been established in France since 1953, operating in 3 sectors: ENT, gastroenterology and vitamin and mineral supplements. They own leading brands in these fields such as AURICULARUM, SOLACY, ACTISOUFRE, CARBOSYMAG, MOXYDAR and SPASMAG.

With 115 employees, Laboratoires Grimberg achieved a turnover of 25 million euros in 2020.

“This is a strategic acquisition that strengthens our medical positioning. I am delighted to have acquired this independent French family-owned laboratory”, stated Cédric Batteur, Managing Director of the Gilbert Group. “There are many similarities between our two entities, in the industrial and commercial fields in particular, both in France and abroad.”

Pierre-Eric Dauxerre will take responsibility for governing Laboratoires Grimberg within the Gilbert Group.

“The acquisition of Laboratoires Grimberg represents a wonderful opportunity for the Group that I am keen to develop alongside our teams,” commented Pierre-Eric Dauxerre, Chairman of Laboratoires Grimberg.

Gilbert Published on31 January 2022