Feeds your beauty!

Cultivating the beauty of the body as much as that of the mind, a philosophy, a pleasure but also a science, born a few thousand years ago around the Mediterranean basin, and of which LAINO is today the incarnation.

From the Mediterranean and its treasures, LAINO has created naturally nourishing and simply irreplaceable skincare products, freed from the superfluous and the useless. The olive tree, the argan tree, the fig tree, the lemon tree… The best ingredients and the heritage of an invaluable know-how transcribed in each product.

For more than 60 years, LAINO has been offering hydration and hygiene products based on authentic and natural ingredients. LAINO selects active ingredients from the Mediterranean basin to develop products in compliance with current cosmetic and pharmaceutical standards. These active ingredients have been used since antiquity and have been recognized for their effectiveness for nearly 3000 years.