What matters is what you see

For more than 40 years, Loubsol has offered a large collection of goggles and sun protection glasses for everyone and for all winter activities in the sun…

These collections consist of quality models, renewed each year in order to follow trends as closely as possible. Everyone can choose glasses according to their style.

For the little ones, both playful and colorful, the Loubsolcollection offers frames with original decorations inspired by the favorite patterns of children from 0 to 12 years old.

A collection placed under the sign of gaiety and fantasy, imbued with modernity and a unique creative dimension!

All our lenses and sunscreens offer protection adapted to sunlight conditions: category 3 and 4 for the majority of products.

Loubosl is also a collection of quality magnifying glasses at attractive prices.

Lightweight, they are comfortable to wear and hug the face perfectly. The wide choice of models allows everyone to find glasses adapted to their personality.

These are beautiful accessories, inspired by the trends of the moment, mixing the useful with the pleasant.

CAUTION: These magnifying glasses must be used incidentally for a relatively short time. Use them as emergency assistance or for short-term occupations. Wearing magnifying glasses does not exempt you from consulting an ophthalmologist who alone is authorized to detect any pathological and visual disorders.